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American Virtual was established as US Airways Virtual Airlines in 2004 and sought to closely simulate the operations of US Airways. In 2013 American Airlines and US Airways merged creating the American Airlines we know today. US Airways Virtual Airlines, in an effort to continue simulating the real world airline, changed its name and operations over to American Virtual. We are not associated with any airline, yet mimics the operations and service of AAL. In addition, we will leverage OneWorld Code-Share partners in the near future, which will further diversify our schedules!

American Virtual attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the FS9, FSX/SE, P3D and X-plane platforms. In simulating real world American operations, we operate on a ranking system designed to provide new pilots the experience of flying all of the aircraft in our fleet. The American Airlines acquisition with US Airways created the largest airline in the United States which means more flights for you to fly, domestically and internationally!

So join us, get in the pilots seat and strap in because we are "Now Taking Off"


American Virtual has a fully automated ACARS and PIREP system! No more waiting hours, days or weeks to have your reports approved. Our ACARS has an integrated internet radio to provide you with entertainment during those autopilot controlled flights. Chat with other pilots at American Virtual as well as any pilot on the vaBase network. Integrated Weather reports for any airport and personal logbook right in the ACARS system. Our system checks for version updates automatically, so no more worrying whether you have the latest version. Spend more time flying and less time filling out paperwork!

American Virtual has ten (10) hubs, all located within the Continental United States. Review our Airline Operations Handbook for more details.

  • Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
  • Chicago-O'hare (Chicago, IL)
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth (Dallas, TX)
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Miami (Miami, FL)
  • New York-JFK (Queens, NY)
  • New York-LaGuardia (Queens, NY)
  • Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Phoenix-Sky Harbor (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Washington-National (Arlington, VA)

Rise through the ranks with our pilot ranking system signifying your experience and aircraft ratings amongst staff! Earn virtual compensation for your service. We have a myriad of awards our pilots can earn during their rank journey. As well as awards for special events. Pilots will be able to visit our training department to increase their pilot efficiency from ground school to instrument approaches. Although we are about pure fun, transporting our passengers safely is a cornerstone to our service!

Our automatic PIREP system precisely collects and keeps record of your pilot logbook, compensation, miles flown, ticket price, routes, PAX, performance grades and much more! More specifically, each PIREP is graded automatically ensuring it meets our superior flight criteria! Our robust booking and dispatching system elevates your flight immersion... Are you ready to take off yet?

American Virtual operates a wide range of Boeing & Airbus variants. Our regional airline and partners such as Envoy, Mesa & Skywest uses an all jet fleet and operates Bombardier CRJs and Embraer ERJs. Visit our fleet page to learn more about the individual aircraft.

The American Airlines merger with US Airways has permitted service throughout the U.S. with 350 desitnations and well over 5300 routes! In the future we leverage our virtual partnership and codeshares with other OneWorld operators such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Quantas amd Qatar allowing our pilots to have a wider reach in operations. Service routes are throughout the U.S. and continue internationally based on real world flights of our network!

Current live flights

Active bookings

Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Jonathan Cronin AA2873 KTYS KDFW 83 6925kg A319 In Progress
  Eugene Silcott BA2156 (1B) TAPA EGKK 229 46060kg B772 In Progress
  Joe Connolly AA46 KORD EGLL 105 18060kg B789 In Progress

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
AA2219 (A) KMIA TNCM   AAL66 PMDG 737-800NGX AA NEW PAINT N908NN -196fpm
AA711 (A) KPHX KLAS   AAL58 BOEING 737-800 -257fpm
QF72 WSSS YPPH   AAL72 QUANTAS A330-343X -155fpm
AA1279 KAUS KPHX   AAL58 BOEING 737-800 -269fpm
AA657 (A) KORD KBWI   AAL003 PMDG 737-800NGX PMDG AMERICAN -140fpm
AA978 (B) TAPA KJFK   AAL80 SMS B737-800 AMERICAN -120fpm



Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Lestin Myrie BA33 WMKK 2019-10-20 -4.00fpm 45%
  Scott Clawson AA1275 KLAX 2019-10-18 -9.00fpm 53%
  Joe Connolly AA47 KORD 2019-10-16 -14.00fpm 95%
  Andrew Roberts AA491 (A) KSAN 2019-10-20 -14.00fpm 100%
  George Vergara AA416 KMYR 2019-10-16 -15.00fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Cameron Grisko U.S.A U.S.A Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) 2019-10-21
  Edward Harland U.S.A U.S.A Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) 2019-10-19
  jesus antonio elias sanchez Mexico Mexico Miami International Airport (KMIA) 2019-10-19
  Scott Hunter U.S.A U.S.A Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT) 2019-10-18
  Chris Cobb U.S.A U.S.A Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT) 2019-10-16
  Joseph Giacofci U.S.A U.S.A Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA) 2019-10-16
  Pascal Doppmann Switzerland Switzerland John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) 2019-10-15

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