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Welcome to American Virtual. We are delighted you chose our Virtual Airline to start or continue your virtual career with!

Ranks and Categories
American Virtual operates on a rank and category system, which means if you are not providing any transfer hours, pilots will start at the lowest rank and will have to fly regional aircraft for an extended number of hours (316 hours) before graduating to Captian where pilots will then be able to fly the Airbus A320 family of aircraft and the Boeing 737. See below for our current ranks and hours required.

We currently do not have any exceptions to this rule. American Virtual has been around for over 18 years and has always operated on a rank and category system as we believe it builds loyalty to the airline. We have many veteran pilots with us that started off flying the Saab 340 for 30 hours before moving to CRJ's.

Please make sure you have the aircraft listed above in your hanger before completing the registration!

Transfer Hours
If you are submitting transfer hours, you must enter them on the registration form WITH a link where those hours can be verified. If you do not provide a link, your hours will not be added to your profile.

We accect 100% of VATSIM transfer hours up to 400 hours and 40% of Virtual Airline transfer hours up to 400 hours.

Hub Placement
American Virtual mimics the real world American Airlines and operates from 10 hubs within the United States. You will have the opportunity to select a desired hub on the registration form, however, your final placement will depend on operational needs at the time of registration. If you do not get assigned to your desired hub, you can request a transfer in 30 days assuming you have the hours to fly the dominant airframes out of that hub.

We do not require pilots to fly on VATSIM, however, anyone wishing to become a Pilot for American Virtual is required to comply with VATSIM’s User Agreement and VATSIM’s Code of Conduct while flying on the VATSIM network. Prospective pilots are also required to be familiar with the American Virtual Code of Conduct and the American Virtual Standard Operating Procedures in the Airline Operations Manual which will be made available to you upon successful registration

You can view each one:
VATSIM’s User Agreement
VATSIM’s Code of Conduct

By continuing, you agree that you understand the above and further agree to comply with all rules and regulations as stated in each policy and operations manual.