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First, let me begin my introducing myself.  My name is Lisa L Curry, The VA Expert!  I became a Virtual Assistant in 2005 with not a clue in the world as to what a virtual assistant was or how to become one. I knew I wanted to work from home. I wanted the flexibility to set my own hours and be my own boss. I struggled at first. I found myself bidding on jobs on freelance websites competing with people from all over the world, some willing to work for $2 an hour. Because I was clueless to the industry and at the time did not know any other way, I was landing clients making between $6 and $8 an hour. Really?! I made more than this in the corporate world. Why was I giving that up just for flexibility?

Needless to say, it was a long trying road but, I did in fact, overcome this. There were many long hours of researching ways to succeed and how to market, etc. Three short years later, in 2008 I successfully opened a Virtual Assistant business that staffed over 20 virtual assistants. Now here I am, almost 8 years later working less than I ever have before, making more money than I could imagine, and being the leader I have always wanted to be.


CEO, Founder, Board Member


Having a marketing plan is serious business. Knowing how to write a marketing plan is even more serious. It is a very detailed and thoroughly researched report that is meant to be evaluated. It matters not how small or large the organization is. Start-up c
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago

First and foremost when you are dealing with a live networking event it is essential that you remember this is not about you! One thing is for certain, networking is fantastic for your business. Don’t attempt to jump right into a pitch. It is about your au
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago

Staying organized is the single most important thing you can do personally and professionally. You will develop your own system, but having a starting point is critical. Believe it or not there are some people who have no idea where to even begin organizin
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago

Procrastinating is something that can become a bad habit really fast.  It can be a big problem in both your personal and your professional life. This is not a routine you can afford to sink yourself into. There are ways to avoid procrastination. All you ha
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago

P2P or peer to peer applications is the best way to keep up with your peers today. There are some fantastic mobile applications that make room for teams to co-operate and collaborate. This all takes place in real time unlike email. Now there is a secure ap
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago

It is a known fact that four out of five people have a different definition of networking. John Naisbitt from his book entitled, Megatrends says that networking as “The Exchange of Ideas, Information and Resources”. Many now agree that this is the rawest a
Lisa Curry · 548 days ago
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